Neuroscience and DNA & Food Sensitivity Testing


NES Health is an amazingly accurate alternative approach to Total WellNES.

This system restores health at all three levels of the human being: our information, our energy, and our physiology.

We all were born with a unique energy field called the human body field. NES Total WellNES is designed to read, communicate with, and stimulate a change in the energy of the body based upon identified energy blockages.

There are no side effects or medications involved.
Stressed Woman — Nexalin in Shenandoah, TX


Evidence indicates that Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia can be caused by irregularities in the brain's neurochemicals. Nexalin supports the normalization of these chemicals without medication and their undesired side effects. The Nexalin device emits a patented, frequency-based waveform that is painless and interacts with the deep centers of the mid-brain. Clinical research indicates that the process of normalizing various neurotransmitters in the brain may support a reduction in patient reported symptoms. I have seen patients go from crippling anxiety to joyful, stress free living with this amazing treatment system.

DNA & Food Sensitivity Testing

We are all familiar with food allergies. Peanuts, strawberries and seafood are notorious culprits. The reactions usually manifest as rashes, respiratory problems and throat tightness.

But we could also have food intolerances that cause issues internally without the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction. These sensitivities, when present, cause internal inflammation that is dangerous but can easily be mistaken for food poisoning or indigestion.

Our DNA and Food Sensitivity test will reveal your unique food intolerances by examining your body's response to the proteins in certain foods and your inherited DNA mutations that play a role in the way your body functions.

You will get a customized blueprint showing you which foods to eat abundantly and which ones to avoid so your internal inflammation is reduced.