5 Reasons Ozone Therapy May Be Right For You

Ozone therapy is an alternative treatment that may be new to you. Ozone is a specific type of oxygen with a third atom that your body uses for a variety of healing mechanisms. Medical-grade ozone is a highly reactive form of pure oxygen that helps the body renew and regenerate itself. Ozone therapy powerfully improves your levels of oxygen and ability to use it, which activates your immune system to improve wound healing, fight infection, defeat inflammation, and address the signs of aging.

At Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness, your blood is treated with ozone and then reintroduced to your body through an IV drip. Ozone therapy may be used for people with cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, liver disease, heart conditions, and circulatory disorders, but it isn’t reserved for the sick only.

Read on to learn five reasons ozone therapy might be the right therapy to help you achieve your health goals.

You want a stronger immune system

A strong immune system helps your body resist infection and heal quickly. Ozone calms down an overactive immune system, as occurs with autoimmune diseases, by activating immune-related messenger molecules known as cytokines. Plus, if you should suffer an injury or need surgery for any reason, a stronger immune system gets you back on your feet quicker.

You desire more energy

Your cells function at their best when they use oxygen efficiently. Without oxygen, your cells cannot make energy. Insufficient oxygen makes cells sluggish, and in some cases, cells even die. Ozone therapy improves your oxygen uptake and usage, inherently improving your energy levels. Your organs, including the heart and lungs, work more efficiently when you have optimal oxygen intake maximized with ozone therapy.

You want to avoid inflammation

Ozone therapy fights free radical damage, which leads to degenerative diseases – including cancer and diabetes. You’re exposed to free radicals daily – in pollution, preservatives, and chemicals – and they work to undermine the integrity and function of your cells. They cause the inflammation that accelerate aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, and lead to the development of chronic disease, including diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Ozone therapy mobilizes your antioxidant defenses to fight off these free radical invaders.

You want to fight pain

Research shows that ozone therapy reduces pain and improves the condition of people with low back pain, herniated disks, knee injuries, and osteoarthritis. The ozone improves cellular function and healing, so pain resolves. In many cases of joint pain, specifically back pain, ozone therapy reduced the need for surgical interventions.

You need to treat infection

Ozone therapy destroys the integrity of bacteria, virus, and fungi cells, inhibiting their growth and reproductive cycle. In this way, these invaders are inactivated and can’t cause infection in your body. People vulnerable to, or who already have, infectious diseases such as candida, Epstein-Barr, pneumonia, Lyme Disease, or Herpes benefit from the treatment.

Ozone therapy is safe and effective. Contact Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness to schedule your appointment for this therapy and experience its numerous health prevention and healing benefits today.

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