Take Rejuvenating Your Skin to the Next Level with the Aerolase Neo Laser

The odds are against you when it comes to having perfect skin. Between acne, hyperpigmentation, hair, aging signs, and psoriasis, you’re pretty unlikely to make it through life without a couple of imperfections. While some people wear their scars and imperfections with pride, maybe you’re more embarrassed or self-conscious about your skin.

In recent years, many laser-based solutions for treating skin imperfections have hit the market. While some have really helped patients, most of the devices have severe limitations: requiring multiple painful treatments or treating only certain conditions, for example. 

These tools are most limited when it comes to skin pigment. They work well with pale-white skin tones but can actually cause burns or scarring in people with darker pigment. That makes the Aerolase® Neo® laser a sight to behold. This do-it-all laser’s aesthetic technology works well with a variety of skin tones and conditions, so it could be your path to clearer, smoother skin.

Want to see what the Aerolase Neo laser can do for you? Come see the team at Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness. Dr. King practices a patient-focused approach to health, wellness, and antiaging therapies. She is a board-certified physician with more than 25 years of experience in health care; Dr. King always puts the needs of her patients first.

Aerolase Neo Laser basics

Lasers have been used in aesthetics for years, but they have tremendously improved over the last few years. The Aerolase Neo is the most up-to-date laser technology on the market. 

Although lasers may sound intimidating, this technology is mostly about heat. Tiny lasers treat a fraction of the skin and work by heating targeted tissue enough to cause a slight injury. This kicks your body into healing mode, and it sends fresh cells and collagen to the targeted area. The end result should be smooth and clear skin.

What can it treat?

At Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness, we’ve treated all of the following with Aerolase Neo technology:

Remember, this technology works well with all complexions, including dark ones. You shouldn’t experience any issues with burns or incorrect treatment of healthy skin.

What happens during a treatment?

To start, you clean your skin to remove any substances like oil or lotion. A technician then uses the Aerolase Neo wand to aim the lasers at the treatment area. The device never touches your skin — it’s held about an inch away.

Does it hurt? No, you feel only a mild, warming sensation. The treatment is totally noninvasive and uses the lowest level of heat possible. In fact, there are no listed side effects after a treatment; you won’t experience the dry, itchy, or tender skin associated with other laser treatments. 

Treatment times vary by condition and severity, but you’ll be able to return to normal activities immediately after your appointment. 

Are you ready to take your skin rejuvenation to the next level? We can help at Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness. Call the office in Shenandoah at 936-213-3173 or in Houston at 832-280-8010 today to get more information and book your appointment. You can also send our team a message here on our website.

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