What to Expect After Your Smartlipo® Treatment

What to Expect After Your Smartlipo® Treatment

When you’re at a healthy body weight, you may still have contour issues you’d like to fix. Sometimes, nature stores fat in unflattering ways. Conventional liposuction works well on larger areas of your body, though it’s limited for use on smaller fat deposits. A major surgical procedure, it also requires long recovery times. 

Smartlipo® laser-assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive version of liposuction that creates a less negative impact on your body, leading to few or no scars and faster healing. Using narrow tools, Smartlipo is ideally suited to treat fat deposits virtually anywhere on your body. 

The team at Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness in Houston proudly offers Smartlipo to their patients with body contouring goals. You can learn more about how laser-assisted lipolysis can transform your body in consultation with our medical aesthetic specialists. Here’s what you need to know about your Smartlipo treatment. 

The Smartlipo process

Conventional liposuction uses a hollow tube called a cannula to break up fat deposits which are then vacuumed through the tube. This technique is often performed under a general anesthetic. Recovery requires days of bed rest with recovery garments. It’s usually about one week before you can return to work and four to six weeks until you can resume more demanding activities like exercise. Swelling may be present after surgery for an average of three months. 

Smartlipo uses laser light energy to warm and liquefy fat cells. Because fat cells are treated before removal from the body, the size of the Smartlipo cannula is smaller than a typical liposuction device. That means the incisions needed to insert the cannula are also smaller, introducing less damage to surrounding tissue. Fat tissue that’s laser-treated but not vacuumed out will be flushed from the body naturally over the coming weeks. 

What to expect after your Smartlipo treatment

Though the impact of the Smartlipo procedure is much less than conventional liposuction, there’s still a recovery period. Preparing ahead of your procedure helps your recovery, so sleep well, stay active, maintain a healthy diet, and follow any instructions given to you by Dr. King’s team. 

Plan to rest

Your recovery depends on the extent of your treatment. A small procedure in one location likely requires less downtime than when you receive Smartlipo in several areas. Usually, you’ll be asked to rest for 48 hours, returning to work in two to four days. 

Prepare your supplies

Having a rest area organized before your procedure makes life easier after your Smartlipo treatment. Choose a sofa or bed and gather items to have at arm’s length to make your resting easier. Include pain medication, ointments, and gauze to tend to your health. Water and healthy snacks address hydration and hunger. Entertainment options like books, crosswords, your smartphone, and the TV remote will make your resting time pass faster.

Minimize exertion

Hold off on exercise and hard work for about 7 to 10 days after your Smartlipo session. This gives your body time to recover internally. Once you get the all-clear from Dr. King, you’re ready to go. 

Book a consultation by phone with Dr. King to start your Smartlipo plan. It may be the last piece you need to finish your body sculpting plans. Call today. 

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