Why Winter Is the Best Time to Start Body Sculpting Treatments

Why Winter Is the Best Time to Start Body Sculpting Treatments

While weight loss can improve your health, it doesn’t always deliver the changes in physical appearance that you desire. If you’re hoping for a new look by next summer, you may benefit from nonsurgical body sculpting this winter.

Nonsurgical body sculpting is a non-invasive therapy that promotes muscle growth and fat loss. While it’s not a replacement for weight loss, this nonsurgical treatment can naturally slim, shape, and tone many areas of your body without swelling, bruising, or pain. 

While these treatments can deliver dramatic results, it can take up to three months for your body to transform into the appearance that you desire. Beginning the process during winter allows you to undergo treatments with more discretion and less disruption to your lifestyle.

You’ll achieve the best results from body sculpting when you consult with an experienced medical professional. Winnie King, MD, is a board-certified physician who specializes in cutting-edge body contouring treatments in her private practice in Houston. Dr. King and her staff have the expertise necessary to administer these state-of-the-art procedures safely and efficiently so you can achieve the results you desire. 

If you’re considering body contouring to help achieve the look you desire this summer, here’s why winter may be the perfect time to begin your transformation.

How body sculpting works

Dr. King specializes in administering body sculpting services with the EMSCULPT® system. This FDA-approved treatment is the only therapy that builds muscle and burns fat. 

EMSCULPT uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to sculpt your body by enlarging current muscles and promoting the growth of new muscle fibers. 

In one treatment session, EMSCULPT delivers thousands of powerful muscle contractions at an intensity that can’t be achieved with voluntary contractions during physical training. This treatment, which is comparable to doing about 20,000 sit-ups or squats, is accomplished without any effort from you. 

In response to these intense contractions, free fatty acids are released. This initiates a deep remodeling of the inner muscle structure, improving the strength and tone of your existing muscles and breaking down fat deposits.

When to expect results

During your initial consultation, Dr. King works with you to create a treatment plan designed to target problem areas and achieve your specific goals. The number of sessions required depends on the results you desire.

Each EMSCULPT treatment lasts 30 minutes per treated area. A minimum of four sessions is scheduled two to three days apart, though you may require more sessions. 

While you begin to feel noticeable results immediately after your treatment, positive outcomes can take between two and four weeks to appear. However, it can take from several weeks to three months following your last treatment to achieve your desired goals. 

The advantage of winter treatments

Starting your treatments in the winter allows time for your body to transform and achieve optimal results in time for warmer weather. Until that time, you can continue to wear winter clothes that hide your progress until you’re ready to reveal your new look.

Since no one will notice how quickly you achieve results with treatments that occur over winter, you can even keep your body sculpting a secret and attribute your new look to spending more time at the gym. 

With months to prepare, you can feel confident about your appearance by the time the weather is warm enough for lighter, more revealing clothing. Allowing some time between your treatments and warmer weather also gives you time to maximize your results with a healthy lifestyle and exercise plan after treatments end. 

Find out more about the benefits of starting your body sculpting treatments this winter. Call our Houston office today to schedule a consultation.

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