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Our health and wellness clinic provides effective weight loss treatments in Shenandoah, Texas. Our weight loss program and lipo procedures were developed to help our patients achieve happiness with their bodies.

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HCG Weight Loss Program

Too much fat? Let us show you how to lose it and spare your body muscle with our HCG diet. Our program includes a physical exam by a physician, lab tests, customized HCG shots, body analysis, a prescription for an appetite suppressant, diet instructions, nutritional supplements, Lipo B+ shots, sessions on our Contour Light body contouring machine, and weekly weigh ins. We love this diet because of the rapid results. We have a transitional program to help you adopt an eating style to maintain your weight loss.

Smart Lipo

This one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It represents a major advancement from the traditional liposuction because there is minimal downtown and bruising. An anesthetic solution is introduced into the area being treated, a laser is used next to liquify fat cells and the fat is suctioned out. A compression garment is then applied. All of this takes place while you are awake but slightly sedated.

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